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Guided by curiosity.


The Helping Company makes the internet more helpful and informative one project at a time. We do this with teamwork, expertise and a helpful attitude, proving every day that business can be a force for good.


Transparent and talented, our strong process keeps our team focused and involved. We love the work we do, and the amazing people we work alongside.


It's an attitude, in and out of the office, we always have fun. We work on incredible projects, host events, speak at conferences,  and take great pride in what we do. These experiences shape our lives and approach.

The digital revolution is reaching beyond simple e-commerce to recast business models and turn entire industries upside down. Business leaders are confronting the next phase of technology as robotics, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things make their way into the mainstream.


We are a diverse mix of talents who combine creative strategies with analytical rigor to build or support digital products to help people in everyday life. Our culture is uniquely open and non-hierarchical - we welcome new thinking to surface quickly, allowing our approach flourish in creative and entrepreneurial  environments.


We value exceptional types, people with intelligence, energy, passion, emotional sensitivity, at times misunderstood but always with a commitment to excellence. We refuse to compromise by partnering or working with those who do not share our values or standards. We believe that if we have common aspirations and no artificial barriers to advancement, then exceptional developments will arise.


Globalization, technological change, and growing economic interconnections are challenging traditional technological approaches. Strategy and an open-thinking methodology is more necessary than ever before. To beat those trends, technology strategists and executives must understand, compete across, and adapt to a greater good mindset and model, work with a broader network, be more resourceful, apply distinct approaches and capabilities to reach results.


We seek to develop or partner with customized solutions that can help people, plain and simple. 

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